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What To Say On Your RSVP Card

You’ve got your big day mapped out in your mind and you’re ready to roll with the preparations. While you’re busy trying to get your head around which aspect to start off with first, there’s the all-important task of letting your guests know there’s something important on the cards. Hidden up your sleeve, your wedding day is usually a welcome surprise to loved ones, friends and family. So, find out if they’ll be there to celebrate with your personalised RSVP card.

Sounds easy, but there’s actually a few things to consider before you send out a few RSVP cards here and there. Ultimately, sending out one of these cards is simple, but it’s important to still keep your entire theme consistent. If you’re opting for a formal ceremony, the wording on your RSVP card should reflect that. If it’s looking to be more playful, try something creative and out-of-the-box.


What goes on it?

It’s straight forward, but sometimes these details can be left out and end up causing obstacles in the long-run. Use this nifty checklist to make sure you’re not leaving out critical elements:

  • Who are you intending to invite? Is it adults only or is the whole family welcome? Make sure you’ve clearly outlined the audience for the occasion so you don’t end up with unexpected guests. Also ensure you have a blank line on the card to give guests the chance to write down their names so you know who exactly the response is from.
  • When do you require word back from the invitee? Typically, you’d want to hear back from your guests 4-6 weeks before the actual day. This may differ depending on the reception venue and when final numbers need to be confirmed.
  • How are your invitees expected to respond? Will your RSVP card also play the role of the response card, or are they able to casually flick you an email or call? If so, don’t forget to include your email address or phone number.
  • Additional details: This part is equally as important, in order to ensure you’re catering for all guests on the big day. Are there any dietary requirements you’ll need to take into account? Allergies? Bus transportation information? You can also be creative and ask your guests to RSVP with their favourite song to be played at your reception.

Don’t expect all guests to respond

While it may be frustrating, it’s not worth getting yourself stressed out over the fact that not all of your invitees will respond and you might have to follow up some people. Some won’t send back a physical response, while others may prefer to. Just make sure you allow enough time in-between your RSVP date and the date you need to give your final numbers to your reception venue, so you have time to chase up those who haven’t responded.

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