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Do your invitations need to match the colours in your wedding?

One of the most common questions we are asked from our customers is ‘Do our invitations need to match the colours in our wedding?’ – There is no right or wrong answer. In this day and age brides and grooms can make any decisions they want to, traditions are a thing of the past and weddings are now all about personality! Invitations don’t necessary have to match the wedding, but it is a nice idea to give guests a sneak peak into the theme of your wedding and what they can expect. Will your wedding be relaxed and casual with canapés and cocktails, or will it be formal and black tie with a sit down 3-course meal?

If couples don’t know what colours they are including in their wedding (for example, the bridesmaid dresses, flowers or table arrangements) it’s absolutely fine, invitations don’t have to match a particular colour palette. We recommend sticking to either neutral colours or a stylish Black and White, or White and Silver/Gold, colours you cant go wrong with. Invitations can still say a lot about a wedding without tying in the colours. Try adding a touch of bling for sophistication or some recycled twine for a vintage look.

If couples DO know their colour theme, awesome, you can include a touch of colour in the invitation. It could be some beautiful coloured ribbon, coloured envelopes or very simply the font colour, options are endless.

At Pinnacle Stationery we are passionate about one thing – Creating beautiful memories for those special days in your life. With our range of stationery options and designs, we can bring any idea to life. All of our wedding stationery is customisable, so any changes are possible. Ribbon colour, font colour, card texture and colour, envelope colour, patterns, size, etc.

We can also mix and match different designs and mould them into one. Bringing a smile to our customer’s face when they see our work is the

greatest feeling and the mindset at Pinnacle Stationery is that anything is possible!

See you next month!

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